Statement on my work

     I have forever been fascinated by our natural world and the infinite detail found in it. My work reflects these colors and textures, shapes and forms and how over time we have tried to relate to the beauty that surrounds us.

     What is my place in the universe? How can I connect to the past? Haunting questions to be sure. Symbols and visual interpretations have always been the way we relate, either in story, pictures or language. We strive to relate to what we see and feel.

     How can I bring these vessel forms into a visual interpretation of our environment around us? I use a build- up of layers of texture, slips and glazes along with the atmosphere of the kiln to create work that has a sense of age.

 The pieces should have Wabi Sabi, the main elements for me being:

     Shizen: without pretense, natural.

     Yugen: subtly profound grace, not obvious.

  It is important to me for the work to have a fresh feel, to not look overworked. Like it just came off my fingertips. To have the ideas and work flow together. For that reason I work quickly, exploring an idea that will inevitably lead to the next idea.

Burner adjusting, August 2015.

     My process allows an abundance of chance to the work, an element of surprise that is a important creative part of the whole. Without these surprises the work could become stifled and robotic, without life. The work is done in series, ideas are formed and the process is put into play, throwing, altering, adding slips and glazes in a flurry of activity. 

     The fire, the final word on the work, always has the last say.



Vapor and wood fired stoneware and porcelain

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