This photo shows the completed fireboxes and interior chimney system. It is a updraft kiln I have converted. The theory is to get the flame movement to travel throughout the ware and down into the lower part of the stack, then back up through the flue at top. The ware is tumble stacked. The door is bricked up with a combination of hard brick and K-26 insulators.


 The first step was to fill in all the burner ports at the bottom. I used 1" fiber board to fill in these holes.

  I removed the old burner manifold, saving the old venturi style burners.

 This photo shows the beginning of the new burner ports entering from the sides. The shelves under the burners are made to replace as that is where the salt and copper burritos are introduced into the kiln.

 Beginning to mount the burners and valves. I used unistrut welded to the frame, cutting holes with a hole saw.

 The propane piping in and ready to fire up. Ports for the salt burritos are not cut in yet.

 This photo shows burners on and the size of salt ports above the burners.

 This photo shows target shelves and direction of flame before the interior chimney was installed. Keeping direct flame from the burners on the ware and directing them up, carrying the salt vapors through the ware. A long slow dirty flame is best.



Vapor and wood fired stoneware and porcelain

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